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What a lot of people, like myself, don’t always realise is that, beyond the cliche, life really is so short. Of course, from another perspective, it’s the longest thing there is, but really, it’s also fleeting and unpredictable and you can never be certain of anything. And time is so damn precious. And you don’t think about it unless it means something. Those extra five minutes in bed, standing on the platform for that late train in the freezing cold, waiting for your toast to pop up. It’s all a bit unrealistic until you’re waiting or pining for or enjoying something. But you always realise it more when it comes to someone special. Waiting for a phone call, counting the days down before you see them again, hoping they’ll fall in love with you, too. But you know, at some point, you’ve got to stop waiting and start living. And why? Because life really is so short.

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But then I realized I was holding onto something that didn’t exist anymore. That the person I missed didn’t exist anymore. People change. The things we like and dislike change. And we could wish all day long that they didn’t, but they always will.

—Sarah Ockler (via hardcore)

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